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Services Provided by Ashburton Chimney Sweep


Rotary Power Sweeping

We provide a professional, friendly and reliable sweeping service of wood burners, open fires and biomass boilers to both residential and commercial customers. All lined wood burners are CCTV checked after every sweep to check the condition.  Fully insured and HETAS registered we will issue a sweeping certificate with every sweep. 

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Tar Removal - Cre-Away

Creosote and soot build-up in your chimney can be a fire hazard if your system is not properly cleaned and maintained.  Wood stoves and fireplaces can produce a tar called third-degree creosote. Removing glazes creosote by normal chimney sweeping is nearly impossible; however Cre-Away chemically modifies existing third-degree creosote by changing it to a substance that can be more easily removed by normal chimney sweeping methods.


Birds Nest Removals - between September & March only

If you suspect you have birds nesting in your chimney do not try to light a fire and “burn the nest out”. You run the risk of setting the chimney on fire or filling the whole house with smoke. Contact us immediately. If you leave it to the middle of March it will be too late as it is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to destroy or remove a nest while it is in use.  We can remove the nest and fit a proper British Standard/EU compliant bird guard on your chimney. There are different type for gas, oil and solid fuel.


CCTV Surveys

Using the latest industry equipment we give you high quality footage of your chimney to diagnose problems and suggest solutions. Carrying out a CCTV survey is the cleanest, quickest and most effective way to identify issues. 

The survey takes roughly one hour to carry out making it a very quick way of identifying problems. You keep the video footage plus a detailed report of the diagnosis and advice—helpful should you need to explain the situation to a third party.


Chimney Cowls

We supply and fit a wide range of cowls to suit every chimney type and fuel used.  Even a redundant chimney should have a cowl fitted to stop rain ingress which will cause damp, and birds nesting.

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CO Monitors

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal or cause permanent damage to your health. CO is produced when carbon fuels don't burn completely.  It has no smell or taste and, in large quantities, it can kill very quickly.

Landlords are now required by law to install working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties.

Ashburton Chimney Sweep would like to ensure that all homes that are at risk have a working CO monitor.

Available to purchase.