I love the old traditions. The lucky sweep made my day truly memorable 

A Lucky Chimney Sweep at your Wedding


The tradition of inviting a lucky chimney sweep to your wedding dates back around 200 years when a London sweep saved the life of King George III. A barking dog had startled the King’s horses and so the brave chimney sweep stepped out in the path of the runaway horses and carriage and stopped them. The King was so thankful that he took off his hat and bowed to the humble chimney sweep that had saved his life. By Royal Decree the King proclaimed that all sweeps are good luck bearers. 
The Royal Family have continued this tradition: when the Queen married Prince Philip a chimney sweep was ushered into Buckingham Palace and the Prince was seen to shake his hand.  If you would like me to attend your special day please contact me with the date, time and venue. I wear traditional costume and have nice clean brushes. I can come to the church or reception and am happy to pose for photos.
My services are by donation with all proceeds going to Dartmoor Search & Rescue. In 2014 I raised £200 for this very worthy cause!