Bee Hive and Birds Nest Removal, Supply and fitting of Chimney Cowls

Birds Nest removal September to March only

Bee Hives

Beekeeping is growing in popularity with swarms on the increase. Swarming occurs late April to June. One can deal with them September/October in cooler weather when they’re less active. However if action is taken within the first 2 to 4 days of noticing their taking up residence, you can stop them by using your fire, as the smoke will disturb them.

We can access your chimney using our own cherry picker, re-homing the bees, not killing them. Specialist equipment is needed for this. We can then bee-proof the chimney using insect mesh and chimney modification.

We’re available for advice and site visits.


Birds nests

Between 1st March and 1st September it is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to destroy, tamper with or remove a nest while it is in use. This also includes blocking access by means of a chimney cowl.

If you suspect you have birds nesting in your chimney DO NOT TRY TO LIGHT THE FIRE. You run the risk of a chimney fire, or worse, carbon monoxide leaking into the room.

Out of season we offer removal of the nests and will check via CCTV that the chimney has no further obstructions. We always recommend that our customers fit a cowl on a working fire. Disused chimneys should also be capped with a vent cowl. This not only prevents the possibility of new nests, but also helps to keep heat in. It will also reduce future water ingress which leads to damp. 

We only use stainless steel British-made chimney cowls guaranteed against breakage. We have cowls in a range of colours suitable for all appliances and atmospheric situations.

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Pricing (including vat)

  • Call out fee £40

    (If we cannot carry out our services)

  • Site visit - For advice on internal or external work £64

    Option 1 - maximum 30 min, verbal, without written report or quotation

  • Site visit - For advice on internal or external work £124

    Option 2 - with written report or quotation

  • Birds/Bees nest removal £124

    First hour, not including CCTV which is compulsory

  • Birds/Bees nest removal £64

    Second hour

  • Ladder work £88

    Starting price

  • Standard high top cowl £70

    Starting price

  • Insert cowl for liners £76

    Starting price

  • Capping cowl £34

    Starting price

  • Clay pepper pot vent cowl £76

    Starting price

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