Kiln Dried Logs: A Greener Alternative

As winter approaches, pressure on the solid fuel industry to be more environmentally friendly increases. Now’s the time to change those bad burning habits and start using kiln dried logs as a greener alternative! This coming February 2021, the Government is bringing out certain changes to what we’re allowed to burn during cold winter nights. […]

What Clean Fuels Can I Use in My Stove?

If you have a wood burner or multi-fuel stove there are new rules you need to know about! Under a government scheme, to be rolled out in 2021, owners of wood burners, stoves and open fires in England will no longer be able to burn the most polluting fuels. This is a change first announced […]

Kiln Dried Logs vs Barn Dried

Why we recommend kiln dried logs in Devon How frustrating is it when you’ve spent all that time ordering wood, stacking it as if it was a piece of art and sourcing the perfect kindling? And when the moment comes to have the fire bring your home to life, to sit there for hours getting […]