Why Buy Kiln Dried Logs?

What makes us different from the rest?

14 good reasons why you should buy kiln dried logs from Ashburton Chimney Sweep

We are often asked: “Why buy kiln dried logs?” So here are 14 reasons to consider:

  1. All our logs are guaranteed to contain 20% moisture or less
  2. All our suppliers are registered with the FSC, thus husbanding resources, complying with structured replanting procedures and protecting forests for the future
  3. We stock logs to suit a range of appliances – stoves large and small, hot tubs etc
  4. We sell locally-produced charcoal for outdoor cooking equipment
  5. We deliver in a wide range of containers to suit your needs – large load, convenient box, barrow bags, nets or the handy bag 
  6. Logs come stacked requiring up to 33% less storage space
  7. Deliveries are made via our short wheel base Luton box van, allowing us access to most locations and protection from the elements
  8. Our products are shrink-wrapped allowing us to deliver, rain or shine
  9. We also sell a reusable tailor-made waterproof cover for pallet deliveries, turning the pallet into your new log store
  10. We’ve selected from a wide range of products for your appliance – choosing the best in terms of value for money, quality and performance
  11. We offer delivery times and slots 7 days a week
  12. Our click and collect option with a’ bag for life’ programme suits customers with limited storage who would prefer to visit our Buckfastleigh unit 
  13. Our ‘bag for life’ promise ensures that you play your part in reducing waste and protecting the environment
  14. Orders can be placed online, over the phone or when having your chimney swept or serviced

You can order our kiln dried logs here.

Kiln dried logs barrow bag bundle special offer

Dan Fisher 26 April 2021

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