Stove maintenance and servicing


The annual servicing of your wood burning stove or other solid fuel appliance is essential to help keep it in tip top condition.

Although there are things you can do to help look after it on a day-to-day basis, to comply with current manufacturers warranties it’s a requirement to have your stove serviced yearly in accordance with the guidelines issued in your stove handbook.

  • The replacement of door ropes and glass gaskets can help to improve the efficiency of your stove and lower environmental impact
  • Replacing damaged internal fire bricks helps to protect the stove structure
  • Cleaning and lubricating moving parts is fundamental for a stove to stay working correctly
  • Intense glass cleaning and back to black conditioning of your stove’s exterior improves your stove experience
  • Replacement fire cement of flue joints is a vital safety measure 
  • If genuine parts can not be sourced we will look to fabricate replacements either on-site or back at our workshop


A stove servicing can be done in conjunction with your routine sweep.

All servicing work will be documented in the owners manual.

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