Meet the Team

Dan Fisher

Owner and Director

The local policeman’s son, I’ve lived most of my life in the Ashburton area. After finishing South Dartmoor Community College, I joined the Army where I served in the Royal Tank Regiment and took part in overseas tours.

My time in the forces taught me valuable lessons and skills which I’ve continued to use in other parts of my life. I’m passionate about supporting the local community, the importance of team work, and running a business people can rely on.

My Dad’s influence means that I always find time for a chat and cup of tea when the job’s done. As a chimney sweep I meet many interesting people – opportunities I welcome.

Johanna Smith

Customer Service

I’m from the South Hams, a region I know and love. As the boss’s big sister and the voice on the end of the phone, I’ll soon get to know our customers.

My working career has been in customer services covering a variety of positions, in a highly demanding sector. As the newest member of the team, I have the skills and motivation to help focus the business.

I also believe in the basic values of hard work, reliability, and enthusiasm. I’ll enjoy doing my utmost to help and support Dan and the community we all care so much about.

Jason Marshall

Chimney Sweep

Growing up in Ashburton and the surrounding area I’ve always been passionate about sports and the outdoors. I went to local schools before completing a PGA Golf Management degree in Birmingham.

Longing for better weather I moved to the Australian Gold Coast where I worked as an arborist and team leader for 10 years. Missing family and needing a change I moved back to my Devon roots.

When not working I can often be found at Stover, my favourite golf course, or walking the hills with my Staffordshire terrier Duke. As a chimney sweep I have a great opportunity to play a useful part in West Country life.

Danielle Truscott

Chimney Sweep

Devon born and bred – I’m an adventurous, outgoing, friendly, approachable
person. I’ll always go above and beyond wherever possible. I’ve worked within
the motor industry for the last seven years and now, as a twenty five year old,
have decided to make a dramatic career change – to become a trainee chimney
I’m passionate about mountain biking, kayaking, dogs and food. Being a ‘Devon
dumpling’, I love to explore and appreciate what’s around us. I’m often
kayaking around the south coast, or hiking across Dartmoor National Park.

William Norrish

William Norrish

Chimney maintenance

Born and raised on Dartmoor, he trained under his father, local builder David Norrish. Now with 10 years of building experience, he specialises in stone, old buildings and lime-work. Has worked on Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings, heritage restoration and insurance projects. William has collaborated with Dan and the team for the last twelve months.

Bryan Kesby

Chimney Maintenance

Qualified roofer with over forty years experience, Bryan has worked with Ashburton Chimney Sweep for the last five years. Has specialist experience in Dartmoor granite chimneys. Resident in Devon for the last 35 years, where he has raised his family.

Brian Kesby