Kiln Dried Logs vs Barn Dried

Why we recommend kiln dried logs in Devon

Kiln dried vs barn dried logs

How frustrating is it when you’ve spent all that time ordering wood, stacking it as if it was a piece of art and sourcing the perfect kindling? And when the moment comes to have the fire bring your home to life, to sit there for hours getting very little heat with lots of environmentally damaging smoke coming out of your chimney. All that hard work and preparation gone to waste!

That’s the story I hear from customers week after week – the sole reason being the wood is still wet. But when you purchased the seasoned barn dried logs you thought they would be ready to burn.

Disappointing I know, but It very much depends on a number of factors not in your control – when it was cut, when it was split and what size and how long it’s been left to dry, and in what location. None of these things are put to the test until that all important moment when you light the match. I’m not saying barn dried will always let you down, but it’s definitely a time game.

Kiln dried is very much the opposite – it’s that vital word kiln..

Kiln dried vs barn dried wood

Trees can be felled on a Monday, split on a Tuesday and after a few days in the kiln be ready for sale the start of the following week. Saving time, money and storage space. You mechanically assisted Mother Nature, guaranteeing a perfectly finished product every time.

People always say, yes, but how is it better to be using big kilns to dry the wood for it then just to be burnt? And In some small cases I’d fully agree. But look for the companies registered under schemes such as Woodsure and the FSC. These professional wood producers have to comply with strict procedures, environmental impact being of the utmost importance.

Woodsure kiln dried logs give you the guarantee that the wood is fit for purpose – to heat your home and help you unwind.

So next time you need to restock the wood sheds and clean out the ash buckets, remind yourself of this post and don’t have the same frustration again.

Stay warm, help the environment and buy Woodsure approved. 

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