Ecoblaze Logs

We no longer sell logs directly however we can recommend which are currently selling ecoblaze logs:

Discover the convenience and eco-friendliness of our premium Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood, now available in easy-to-transport hessian sacks. These high-quality logs are cut, split, and kiln-dried for maximum efficiency, making them ideal for wood burner stoves, firepits, chimineas, or wood-fired pizza ovens.

We choose to stock Birch logs in our Hardwood bags as Birch is known for its intense heat and bright flame, as well as the paper-like bark which makes them easy to ignite.

Our 50-litre jute firewood sacks are made from natural vegetable fibres and are reusable and durable. With the logs’ moisture levels at 20% or less, they are ready to burn, giving you an instant source of warmth and comfort. When storing your jute firewood sack outside, it’s important to keep it above ground and protect it with a waterproof cover. With our accredited, high-quality firewood and easy-to-use hessian sacks, you can enjoy your fire-lighting adventures with peace of mind, knowing you’re using a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Get your ecoblaze logs here

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